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How to Find the Best Portable Restrooms for Your Event

Portable restrooms have been around for many years, and most people have used a portable bathroom at some point in their lives. Many people think of them as a necessary evil, and portable toilets have a bad reputation with some users. However, there have been considerable advancements in portable restrooms over the years, and it's possible to get high-class portable restroom trailers for your event. Cap City Rentals is the best place to find luxury portable restrooms in the Greater Austin area.

When most people think about portable restrooms, they picture the skinny stalls that used to be standard for construction sites, fairs, and other outdoor events. While such facilities were functional, they have a reputation for cramped spaces and peculiar smells. At Cap City Rentals, our goal is to shatter that stereotype by providing the best portable restrooms you can find. Our facilities are functional, spacious, and more pleasant to use.

Rather than the skinny individual stalls that most people are familiar with, Cap City Rentals has portable restroom trailers, which have more features than older portable toilets. These trailers have electricity and running water, so it's more like a regular bathroom that's portable. Our trailer designs are significantly superior to the low-tech mobile outhouse models that are the reason that portable restrooms have a poor reputation.

Luxury portable bathrooms are the perfect solution for providing restroom facilities at construction sites, outdoor events, weddings, and more. A luxury portable restroom from Cap City Rentals is so nice that no one will feel reluctant to use the facility. In essence, our public restroom trailers are a scaled-up version of the systems used to make pleasant bathrooms for motorhomes and trailers. They are clean, spacious, pleasant-smelling, and have the features that people expect from the restrooms in an office building.

The larger your event becomes, the more critical it becomes that you have enough restrooms for the group. For example, even if you have enough property to accommodate hundreds of partygoers, you'll need more than the few bathrooms in your home to ensure everything goes smoothly. At Cap City Rentals, we currently offer 2-stall and 3-stall bathroom trailers. The 3-stall trailer will handle approximately 350 guests for a little over six hours. The 2-stall trailer can handle 250 guests for around six hours.

Using a portable restroom trailer prevents excess strain to your plumbing and septic systems. You can hook the trailer up to your electrical and water systems, but we can also handle that if your event is in a location where getting water and power to the portable restroom trailers isn't possible. If you do not have a 30 amp electrical service or water available, we can provide a generator and up to 125 gallons of water for the trailer at a nominal fee.

Cap City Rentals is the best place to find a luxury, portable restroom in Austin, and the surrounding area. Whether it’s a wedding, a party, a construction project, or an outdoor festival, our portable restrooms are the best choice for maintaining a high-class event. Send us a message online if you’re interested in using a Cap City Rentals trailer for your next event.

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