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What separates us from them?

As with any business, we keep an eye on our competition to make sure we're competitive and keeping up with any trends. What I constantly notice is that with Cap City Rentals, you get what you need to make your event a smashing success WITHOUT worrying about extra costs associated with it. For instance, one of our competitors charges $250 to run off of their generator. Another charges $50 to have it filled with water. You need power and water to run these things....that's like renting a hotel room but having to pay extra for electricity and water...makes no sense.

REST ASSURED that with Cap City Rentals we are going to show up, prep your bathroom, have it stocked and clean and ready for guests...with the generator (we understand that you need power whether we supply it or not) AND WATER...a bathroom without water is a porta-potty, right? If you're way out of our area, we may ask that you pitch in for mileage, but that's about it! And you'll know these costs up front.

All this to say, we really enjoy what we do, and strive to make your event run smoother and be more fun because we're there. We do that by assuring you that the price we give you is the price you pay, and as long as the unit isn't damage or require decontamination (yes, it's happened), we don't charge extra.

We believe what sets us apart from other companies is our competitive price, our transparency, customer service and impeccable on-time record!

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