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Refreshing Options for Parties and Events

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

We’ve all been there, stuck at a party or event where the only bathrooms are the less than desirable “porta potties”. We’ve all had those same thoughts, “Why can’t there just be an actual restroom”. Fortunately, actual portable restrooms are increasing in popularity due to the demand for clean, functional restroom facilities at parties and events.

These climate controlled portable restrooms are designed to look and feel just like a regular restroom, while maintaining the same portability of old portable toilets. They are cleaner and more comfortable than standard portable toilets, which is why many people are choosing to rent them for their gatherings and events.

Portable restroom trailers provide a more sanitary and user-friendly experience at surprisingly affordable costs, which make them an easy rental for even the most intimate of events. Offering flushable toilets, sinks, mirrors, in a climate-controlled atmosphere, these trailers provide all the comforts and privacy of home. These portable restroom trailers are also easily transportable and quickly set-up for use in most any outdoor setting.

Easily delivered to the event site, portable restroom trailers are completely self-contained systems that require little set up time. These trailers also come in multiple sizes and can offer both men and women’s restroom facilities as opposed to just one unisex toilet. Portable restroom trailers also offer multiple stalls which increase efficiency and privacy for guests or customers.

Restroom trailers are also more hygienic and comfortable for guests than traditional rental portable single stall version typically used at events. Portable restroom trailers boast actual flushable restroom utilities, rather than standard chemical toilets, as well as sinks with hot and cold running water.

If you are planning to host an event or party, renting a portable restroom is an option that can keep guests comfortable as well as provide a manageable system of waste disposal. Various styles of portable restroom facilities are available for rental, from standard models suitable for smaller purposes to luxury spa like trailers appropriate for weddings. Companies such as Cap City Rentals offer a wide variety of portable restroom trailers and are experienced in helping clients choose appropriate facilities for their needs.

Cap City Rentals also offers long and short-term rental contracts, satisfying every customer’s specific needs. Settling for outdated, unsanitary, plastic toilet stalls is no longer the only option when it comes to outdoor restroom rentals. Portable restroom trailers offer modern conveniences at affordable options that will provide all the creature comforts of home at your next party or event.

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