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Navigating an Outdoor Event in Style

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Concerts. Weddings. Fairs. Outdoor events can take on many shapes and formats, but the one thing they all have in common is the undeniable fact that the attendees will eventually need to go while they’re on-site. However, while these outdoor festivities can absolutely be the embodiment of a good time, they often are largely lacking in clean and inviting restroom facilities. If you’re planning on catching one of the many amazing outdoor concerts that occur during Austin’s warmer months, or even if you’re just a plus-one at an wedding this summer, here are four tips for staying comfortable and fresh when you inevitably need to excuse yourself to use the facilities.

Dress for the Part

If you’re going to be spending hours outside, then there’s certain clothing and garments that can help facilitate your comfort. Stick with comfortable, breathable clothes if possible. Wear sensible shoes, and try to avoid overly complicated outfits with excessive buttons or snaps. While these ensembles certainly may look cute, they’ll be a serious hassle to try to remove when it comes to bathroom breaks.

Stay Hydrated

While an ice-cold beer may hit the spot when the temperatures start to climb, you’ll want to make sure chase each drink with an equally refreshing glass of water. Dehydration can quickly wipe you out and can even become extremely dangerous if it becomes too severe. Yes, drinking water will require you to duck out for a bathroom break, but it’ll also help you avoid feeling sick or overheated by the time the event is over.

Avoid Sketch Foods

Ah, yes. Festival food. Deep fried, greasy, and delicious as heck. Of course, if your stomach isn’t accustomed to this rich fare, it can quickly destroy your stomach. Even worse, if food is left out in the hot sun for hours, it’s a welcome mat for developing food poisoning. To avoid the walk of shame to the nearest portable bathroom, stick with fresh foods and those that don’t spoil easily. Your stomach – and your dignity! – will thank you.

Keep an Open Mind

Not every venue is going to have a fully stocked luxury bathroom trailer like the kind we provide here at Cap City Rentals. If you’re standing in a seemingly-endless line for one of those more, shall we say, budget accommodations, then try to keep calm and maintain a good attitude about it. At the end of the day, you’re there to celebrate your favorite band, your best friends getting married, or your niche hobby. Just get in there, do your business, and get back to mingling and partying!

While you can’t control the environment or the ambiance of any events that you’re invited to this summer, you can go above and beyond to help make sure your guests are comfortable the next time you host an outdoors event. To learn more about renting a luxury restroom trailer for your next party or gathering, or to simply drop us a line about any of the other services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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