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Cap City vs the Big Guys- What sets us apart?

Cap City Rentals has been around since February of 2019. Much of our existence has been during a pandemic. This is tough when your business relies on group functions to survive. Weddings, parties, film projects, ribbon cuttings, events...this is what pays the bills around here, and we haven't had a lot of that over the last 18 months. So how have we survived??? The answer is really simple, our customer service rocks. We aren't a huge outfit. We care about earning our customer's business. We enjoy being a part of the events where we set up.

On that note, I know that pricing plays a huge roll in what we offer as well. Sure, we respond quickly, and we're very easy to work with. But we're also 90+% of the time the most affordable in the area with the newest equipment! It is very rare that someone gets a quote from us and subsequently rents from somewhere else. I'd like to think what sets us apart from Goliath is our customer service along with our very competitive pricing. We take pride in making sure our customers find value in what we're offering. We also take pride in telling our customers what their cost is up front, all included, and not shocking them with fees after booking.

Next time you're in the market for a bathroom rental, give us a shot! You won't be disappointed!

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